For Forty-five years, the Shinbaum Law Firm has been helping people In Montgomery, Alabama as their Bankruptcy Attorney, helping people that are in financial trouble. The first step to sleeping at night is to confront your problems and the best way to find solution is to consult with a qualified Bankruptcy Attorney that will be more interested in you than in making a fee. You do not have to have a judgment taken against you. You do not have to lose your property. You do not have to have a garnishment. You do not have to have an IRS levy. You do not have to suffer in pain if you are disabled. We can help you. Call the Shinbaum Law Firm at 334-269-4440 in Montgomery or 334-872-4545 in Selma for your Bankruptcy needs. We are Bankruptcy Attorneys for Montgomery and Selma.


For years I have been proud of the fact that over half of the people that come into my office for a free initial bankruptcy consultation do not end up having to file a bankruptcy petition. The Shinbaum Law Firm has never charged a fee for the first initial consultation, even. If your first consultation takes more than one visit. I do not want people to be afraid to talk to an attorney.

Over the years, Richard Shinbaum has been recognized by his colleagues, as Chairman of the State Bar Commercial and Bankruptcy Law Section, receiving the highest rating for an Attorney in the Southeast rating, and an ethical attorney award. You can trust that you will get an honest answer if you come to the Shinbaum Law Firm and that no one will force you into filing an untimely Bankruptcy Petition, whether you choose to file a Liquidation Chapter 7 Petition, a repayment plan through Chapter 13 and/or a Business Reorganization through Chapter 11. Your plan of action will be customized to best suit your needs.

The Shinbaum Law Firm has two convenient offices to serve you, one at 566 South Perry Street in Downtown Montgomery and one at One Broad Street at the foot of the Historic Edmond Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, to meet your Bankruptcy needs. Whether you needs to file a Chapter 7 Straight Bankruptcy Petition or a Chapter 13 Debtor Repayment Wage Earner Bankruptcy Petition, let us be your attorney. Please feel free to come in and visit us at one of these locations.

In addition to your Bankruptcy matters, the Shinbaum Law Firm is more than capable of representing you on any disability claim. No one wants to be disabled; however, should you find yourself in a situation that you cannot work, please feel free to call us for a free evaluation.

The Decision to file Bankruptcy will be one of the most difficult decision that you ever have to make, but it will be one of the most relieving decisions when you finally come to the realization that Bankruptcy is the solution to a bad credit problem. Once you file the Bankruptcy Petition, you will learn quickly that in most situations you will be pointed in the right direction. You will no longer have to worry about Creditors interrupting your dinner, as they threaten you and your family. You will no longer worry about your car being repossessed and/or you being thrown from your home, as we most likely can offer you a remedy that will save your car and home. Lawsuits against you will suddenly come to a halt and garnishments will stop. The move to recovery is yours to make and you can take the first step by calling 334-269-4440 and asking for help. Please remember that anyone can tell you that they are a Bankruptcy Attorney, but a real attorney will tell you when you need to file bankruptcy and the attorney will not be afraid to tell you that you do not need to file bankruptcy. Over half of the people we see each year for their free initial consultation do not need to file a Bankruptcy Petition.

Social Security

No one wants to be disabled and to have to rely on Social Security for their income. The first thing you must know is that no one can live on the small pittance that Social Security pays per month; however, there are situations that make Social Security unavoidable. The Second thing you must know is that just because you have met with a medical situation, that is no reason that you should not be treated with dignity and respect. You can rest assured that we will always remember that except for the grace of the Lord, we could be in the same shoes as you. I have never met a client that wants to be disabled; however, disabilities do happen.

Social Security Disability is a legal determination based upon medical evidence that you can no longer engage in gainful employment. There are two major classifications of disability, Closed periods, where you are expected to recover from your illness and permanent disability, that is expected to last for years. Either way the important matter is that there is Social Security disability there to help lessen your burden. We will be more than happy to look at your medical evidence to see if you qualify for Social Security Disability. As usual, our office has never charged for a first consultation.

Most people do not realize that you cannot just walk into the Social Security Office and say you are disabled and then draw benefits. You must have medical evidence of the disability. Most Doctors do not know how to fill out the disability paperwork, as they are to busy caring for patients and they rely, erroneously on their staff to complete the paperwork. Most clients to not realize that they must see their doctors and get the proper paperwork completed, as Judges do not base decisions on two year old medical records. You must keep going to the doctor and get routine evaluations if you expect to get disability.

The next thing is there are two ways to get disability at the appeal stage, on the record appeals and hearings before an Administrative Law Judge. Some attorneys will not apply for an on the record appeal, as this speeds up the process ant results in a lesser attorneys fee. Our office will do whatever best benefits the client and if you are eligible for an on the record decision, we will ask for an on the record appeal. You need an attorney that will look after your interest and not the interest of the attorney. In the long term your best interest and the attorneys best interest are the same.

Whether you need a Montgomery, Selma or Central Alabama Bankruptcy Attorney and/or a Montgomery Social Security Attorney, Call the Shinbaum Law Firm to get your free initial consultation. In Montgomery call 334-269-4440 or in Selma call 334-872-4545 and we will get you in to the office to see an attorney. Don’t suffer in silence. We can help you get the disability payments that your are entitled to under the disability laws of Alabama and the United States. Social Security Disability is there to protect you and your family.

Whether it be Bankruptcy or Social Security, we have been your Alabama Bankruptcy Lawyer and your Social Security Lawyer for over 45 years. Let us help you.